MonsterSnapshots.com is a weirdsite where you can purchase AFFORDABLE HIGH QUALITY reprints
of old sinister SNAPSHOTS that have Monsters Masks, Monster Costumes and Monster Actors in 'em!
So sink those funky fangs in and enjoy!
MonsterSnapshots.com is the Brainiac-child of a Monster Geek of the Famous Monsters of Filmland Generation, STEVE BANNOS.
Steve has amassed the most gargantuanly magnificent collection of snapshots in the entire Universe
and has finally decided to share a small portion of them with the Monster Masses!
The frightfully fiendish reprints come in THREE SIZES.

8" x 10" - $20 + $5 shipping
11" x 14" - $30 + $5 shipping
16" x 20" - $50 + $10 shipping

Square format photos will be oriented in the center.
If the original snapshot is rectangular, it will cover as much of the print as possible.

You will always see the BORDERS of the original snapshots
as they are being reproduced not only as images - but as found objects.


All of the magnificent monstrosities are printed with K3 Archival inks
on high quality Epson luster surface archival paper.
Also all of the original snapshots have been digitally enhanced to maximize contrast, color and clarity
to make for the highest quality reproduced image!
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